prize fighter cutlery

Ben Gore - Leo Valls - Luerker Lou - Pat Smith - Soy Panday - Katsumi Minami - Akihiro Iida - Max Palmer - Stan Karbine - Connor Kammerer - Masaki Ui - Hiroki Muraoka.
Sold, out, sold, out.
Our inspiration and emphasis is one hundred percent real skateboarding. .
Founded in the fall of 2006, Prize Fighter started as an fitness first singapore raffles place underground wheel brand and has been going strong now for 9 years.Prize Fighter strives to capture the essence of skateboarding in a way thats true to anyone who feels the itch to roll down the street, carve a pool or bomb a hill.We do not have a financial backer or dirty money.Tags: Danny silver city gift card Falla, leo Valls, lurker Lou, prize Fighter Cutlery.Prize fighter cutlery is an underground skate wheel company founded in 2006 in New York. The brand is dedicated to the DIY ethos of the NYC skate community, and continue to produce the coolest street wheels on the east coast.Links: Prize Fighter Site, prize Fighter on Facebook, prize Fighter on Twitter.Survival never goes out of style.Prize Fighter Cutlery, stan Karbine wheels.Prize Fighter Cutlery is stepping up their game with new wheels, new team members and a new clip.
New wheels include Leo Valls (52mm, 101a Katsumi Minami (53.5mm, 101a Lurker Lou (54 56mm, 101a) and the Danny Falla Bro-model cruiser (64mm, 85a).Prize Fighter Cutlery dropped some new wheel designs for Fall/Winter 2011.Congratulations Max Palmer (aka loose trucks Max Stan Karbine, Ben Gore, Pat Smith and Connor Kammerer for making it onto koodo student discount the team.The pure act of pushing down a dimly illuminated city street late at night feeds.Much more than a set of shrink-wrapped wheels-we have produced limited edition packaging often hand painted, stamped and even sewed to keep things exciting and unique.