In order to re-register an ugma/utma in the beneficiarys name once they have win 7 file extension association reached the age of majority, OppenheimerFunds requires: An, account Application for Nonretirement Accounts filled out and signed by the beneficiary.
The custodian has the fiduciary responsibility to manage the money in a prudent fashion for the benefit of the minor.
Anyone can open or contribute on behalf of a child.
The Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (ugma.However, there are certain conditions: The beneficiary must remain the same.At that time the child can use the money for any purpose whatsoever without requiring permission of the custodian, so there's no guarantee that the child will use the money for his or her education.The Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (utma) is similar, but also allows minors to own other types of property, such as real estate, fine art, patents and royalties, and for the transfers to occur through inheritance.If the FBO would like to reregister the account into anything other than his/her own name, please contact a service associate.Note that such a transfer may be a taxable event.Form 8615 is not filed if the election is made to include the income on the parents tax return.The Uniform Gift to Minors Act (ugma) established a simple way for a minor to own securities without requiring the services of an attorney to prepare trust documents or the court appointment of a trustee.Upon reaching the age of majority, the beneficiary can use the assets for any purposeeducational or otherwise.The child remains the owner of the account and will gain control of the assets on reaching legal age.The custodian cannot change to a new beneficiary when transferring to a 529 plan.
When the beneficiary reaches the age of majority, he/she must enter into an investment agreement with OppenheimerFunds by filling out and signing a new account application.
The beneficiary will need to re-register their account after they have reached the age of majority.In particular, parents cannot simply transfer assets to their minor children, but instead must transfer the assets to a trust.The donor irrevocably gifts the money to the trust.It is also possible for family and friends to make contributions to an ugma/utma on behalf of a child.You can obtain a copy of the plan document from each 529 plan sponsor.The child may need to file Form 8615 with their tax return and pay tax at their parents rates.The laws also state that once the beneficiary reaches the age of majority, no third party may receive information or negotiate on the account.Any money in custodial accounts for which you are the custodian will be counted as part of your taxable estate if you are the legal guardian of the child and the child has not yet reached the age of trust termination.The custodian is not permitted to change the beneficiary of the section 529 plan, because the responsibility of the custodian to use the assets of the ugma/utma account for the benefit of the child does not terminate when the funds are withdrawn from the account.The income from a custodial account must be reported on the child's tax return and is taxed at the child's rate, subject to the Kiddie Tax rules.

The first 1,050 of the accounts unearned income (interest, dividends or capital gains) is exempt from federal income tax if the child is under age 18 at the end of the tax year.
Vanguard ugma/utma or, vanguard 529 Plan account.